Meet the team

Arnon Benor


Arnon Benor - CTO

Arnon leads the Scale-Up Velocity group and acts as the Senior Technological Consultant. Before joining Scale-Up, Arnon served in a prestigious intelligence unit in the IDF for over 20 years. Arnon carried out several command and management positions, leading technological infrastructure and cyber departments. He gained vast experience as head of TechEd division, in charge of training Israel’s elite recruits, preparing them for significant cyber-tech intelligence posts.

Arnon holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Yahalom Bukai-Herzel

VP Projects

Yahalom Bukai-Herzel

Yahalom is the VP Projects at Scale-Up Velocity, in charge of forming workplans and initiating new projects as part of the development and implementation of scalable, innovative solutions to the shortage of human capital in Israel’s high-tech ecosystem. She is a driven partner in the thinking processes and promotion of the organization.

Yahalom was previously the manager of discharged combat soldier programs. 
Before joining Scale-Up Velocity, Yahalom served in the IDF in various HR roles in intelligence, cyber and AI units.

Yahalom holds a B.A in HR & Management, a Coaching diploma, and is a graduate of the Mandel Foundation Educational Leadership program.

Assaf Zvaig

Placement Manager

Assaf Zvaig - Placement Manager

Assaf is a placement administrator and part of Scale-Up Velocity’s placement activities. He helps graduates transition into the high-tech workforce by providing guidance, reinforcing soft skills, and preparing them for job interviews.

Assaf also cultivates relationships with high-tech companies and organizations to connect Scale-Up Velocity’s alumni with valuable job opportunities.

In his free time, Assaf is talented painter and digital artist.

Bat Sheva Meitav

Senior Manager of Academia & Industry Relations

Bat Sheva Meitav - Senior Manager of Academia & Industry Relations

Bat Sheva is the Senior Manager of Academia & Industry Relations at Scale-Up Velocity, managing our academic programs done in collaboration with high-tech companies. She leads wide cooperation activities, from strategic planning to execution, and is also in charge of our Excellenteam in Academia program, integrating diverse populations into the high-tech industry.

Bat Sheva joined Scale-Up with over 14 years of managerial, organizational  and strategic consultant experience.

Bat Sheva is a social activist and entrepreneur who thrives to impact and create a more enabling and tolerant society. She volunteers as a board member at an NPO for the elderly and youth at risk.

Bat Sheva holds a B.A in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology from Bar Ilan University, and an M.A in Non-Profit Management from the Hebrew University.

Tslil Swisa Boulakhov

Programs Manager

Tslil Swisa Boulakhov - Programs Manager

Tslil leads Scale-Up Velocity’s Human Capital programs where she is focused on integrating diverse talent into Israel’s high-tech industry. Before Scale-Up, Tslil worked for three years in an international law firm, specializing in the Commerce and Hi-Tech department. To this role, Tslil brings her experience as an officer in the IDF, concentrating mainly on the development of training programs at the Artillery Corps. Tslil holds her LLB. in Law and Business from the IDC in Herzliya, including a semester abroad in Singapore.

Shiri Borenshtein

Program Manager

Shiri Borenshtein - Program Manager

Shiri is a program manager at Scale-Up Velocity, focusing on integrating diverse talent intoIsrael’s high-tech industry. Shiri developed and managed the Teimot Program – Making high-tech core studies more approachable and accessible to the general public, took a part in the ADVA program for talented Haredi women, and is leading DevelopHer – encouraging young women to enroll in high-tech academic programs. Before joining Scale-Up, Shiri was a strategic consultant, specializing in innovation and public policy, working closely with global and local strategic consultant firms, government offices, local municipalities, NGOs and the private sector. She earned a master’s degree in Political Science and Social Policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Danielle Tvay Gavri

Placement Manager

Danielle Tvay Gavri - Placement Manager

Danielle leads Scale-Up Velocity’s placement activities. She works closely with top companies in Israel high-tech industry to secure opportunities for Scale-Up’s human capital programs graduates.
Danielle is a certified lawyer, and before Scale-Up Danielle worked as a legal intern in the prime minister’s office, specializing in Administrative Law and high-courts petitions.

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