Provides solutions to the Israeli high-tech industry’s human capital challenges.

About Scale-Up Velocity

Scale-Up Velocity develops high-end impactful initiatives and solutions to Israeli high-tech’s human capital challenges.

We partner with leading high-tech companies, academic and training institutions, government agencies, non-profits, and philanthropies to build programs and models that increase and improve the supply of talent to Israel’s tech sector.

Our initiatives range from practical coding bootcamps geared towards talent from untapped communities, to drafting policy recommendations for government agencies looking to tackle the chronic human capital shortage in Israel’s tech sector.

Scale-Up Velocity is closely affiliated with Start-Up Nation Central, an independent non-profit working to build bridges to Israeli innovation and strengthen Israel’s innovation ecosystem.


Excellenteam is a four-month bootcamp that seeks to provide Arab and Haredi women computer science graduates the skills required to integrate into Israel’s high-tech industry. The program provides in-depth technical training based on projects in computer vision, machine learning, text processing, data visualization and optimization that are designed and run by leading high-tech industry partners.

Excellenteam in Academia

Excellenteam in Academia is an elite program for outstanding students in their final year of undergraduate studies in Computer Science / Software Engineering at academic institutions. The program implements the core syllabus of the Excellenteam bootcamp in an academic environment, providing students with the technological know-how and the soft skills necessary for integration into the high-tech industry.


Adva is a 2-year vocational computer science program for female ultra-orthodox seminary students designed in partnership with leading high-tech companies and academic institutions. The program focuses on core mathematical skills, advanced Python and C++ training and projects, as well as ongoing mentoring and preparation for work in core R&D teams in the high-tech industry.


Teimot High-Tech (High-Tech bites) – a program open to the general public that offers core courses in computer science, in a hybrid learning program – integrating technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities. The program enables its participants to experience various core studies in computer science, and to examine their suitability for the field, helping them making a decision on future studies or employment.


A 2 months program for young women, aimed at encouraging them to enroll in high-tech related academic studies. The participants gain practical first-hand experience in pyton programing and an academic computer science core course, developing a network with women already employed in the high tech industry and forming a supportive community of their own.


The program includes several development projects that were created together with our partners from the high-tech industry. These projects allow practical hands-on experience by working on real-world projects. Participants in the program are exposed to and practice the most recent development methodologies and tools.


Data4s is a high-quality training program developed with leading high-tech companies to provide a springboard for soldiers who served in IDF combat units. It is aimed at creative people with good thinking abilities and suitable traits to enter data-related positions in the high-tech industry. The program trains participants in research methodology, data analysis from various sources, visualization tools, presentation and storytelling, all key elements needed to undertake interesting analyst or data-related positions.


Today, two and a half months after completing the program, I feel like I have made a 180-degree change. If I wouldn’t have completed this course, I would still be home working as a repairman. I feel like I have gained confidence and when I conduct technological conversations, I am able to express myself in a much better way

Antonio Benedetto, works as a software developer at Ex Libris // Excellenteam Graduate

Excellenteam has allowed me to achieve financial security for my family. My extended family values me for my efforts and achievements. The opportunity I received with Excellenteam helped me fill in gaps when it comes to hands-on experience and development projects. I thank the Lord and would wish for anyone who can, to have such a life-changing experience

Michal Walles, works as a software developer at Mobileye // Excellenteam Graduate

After more than six months from the first recruitment, I can declare that this experiment turned out to be a huge success for XM Cyber, and the new hires from Cyber4s and Adva are now fully assimilated into our various R&D teams

Boaz Gorodissky , is the Co-Founder & CTO of XM Cyber


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Providing solutions to the Israeli high-tech industry’s human capital challenges.

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