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About Adva

A novel training program for outstanding female Haredi seminary students in software engineering tracks (grades 13 and 14), combining academic-level computer science studies with practical project-based experience. The program is the first of its kind to obtain the active support of senior rabbis in the Haredi community and leaders of the Israeli high-tech industry and academia. These partnerships led to the design of an academic-level curriculum under the auspices of the industry and academia, while creating a window of opportunity to engender meaningful economic and social change.


The program was developed in collaboration with senior development executives from Apple, Mobileye, Google, IBM, and the Ministry of Defense.

Over 150 partners including Ex Libris, IAI, Kramer, Zerto, Synamedia, Refael, Xfind, Checkpoint, Via, Facebook, Mprest, Seebo, SAP, Amdocs, Citi, Nvidia, Innovid, Beamr, Delloite, Moveo, AT&T, 8200, and Ofek-IAF.

Target audience

Outstanding seminary students in computer science – MAHAT by Min. of Labor


Integrate skilled talented Haredi women into core development positions in the high-tech industry.

Practical experience

Throughout the training, students develop practical projects with partner companies, thus deepening their technological experience in complex development.

Soft skills training

The program also includes an element of improving soft skills through recruitment preparation workshops, mock interviews, resume writing, personal mentoring, and more.


Introduction to Linux and data acquisition

Introduction to computer sciences and C language

Linear algebra

Statistics and probability

Differential and integral calculus

Logic and set theory, discrete mathematics

Data structure and introduction to algorithms

Advanced Python programming and computer science supplements

NoSQL and SQL databases



Current internet technologies

Bootcamp – Introduction to development processes, QA and DevOps

Introduction to operating systems + introduction to communication networks

Automats and formal languages


Java Script

Digital systems


Success Stories

“The bootcamp and all the studies were fun and gave us amazing abilities and skills in all areas. Every project we do not only gives us knowledge in its field but also strengthens our understanding of how to approach challenges and teamwork. We have gained vast knowledge and ability to integrate in the industry in the best possible way.”

Student in the program

“The added value of the program that combines academic aspects and industry involvement is huge in my eyes. I was very impressed to see the tremendous motivation of the students, their flexibility, and their openness to change.”

Mor Shlezinger

Engineering Manager, Google

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