core courses


high completion rate for MOOC


participants from various backgrounds

About Teimot

A unique pilot program, that enables the general public to “have a taste” of specific academic-level computer science courses.


The National Digital Israel Initiative (Ministry of labor), Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, IDC Herzliya, Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).

Target audience

General public – people who are curious and want to learn more about high-tech studies. The participants in the first cohort aged 16-68.


Making high-tech core studies more approachable and accessible to the general public, including marginalized populations.

Completion rate:

The program had a completion rate of 70% on average, which is remarkably high for massive open online courses (MOOCS) (the average completion rate in moocs around the world is around 15%).


First steps in computer science and programming in Python

From algorithms to bits, from searching for information to image processing, from encryption to graphs: in the course you will be exposed to some of the most beautiful and important ideas in the world of computer science and you will experience writing code in the popular programming language Python.

From Nand to Tetris: Building a computer

Have you ever wondered how computers work? And how do you design and build computers? Join a journey that begins with basic logical gates like Nand, and ends with building a modern computer that can run any program and game like Tetris. No prior knowledge or equipment required.

Introduction to Data Science: Tools and Methods

Interested in artificial intelligence and data science? Join a course that is a gateway to a world that combines information technology, results-oriented thinking and statistics. In the course we will learn methods for data analysis and tools for the development of advanced technologies that will introduce you to a world that is a sought-after professional field in the science of the future.

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