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About Excellenteam

An elite training program that trains outstanding Arab and ultra-Orthodox graduates in computer science for algorithmics and back-end positions in core teams at leading high-tech companies. The four-month program provides in-depth technical skills in C ++ and Python, advanced topics in operating systems, memory management, parallel programming and more, projects with the industry and 21st century skill acquisition. The program includes stipends and computers for students.


The program was developed in collaboration with senior development executives from Mobileye, Google, Lightricks, Ex Libris, 40Nuggets and JPMorgan.

Over 150 partners including – Nvidia, Dell, IBM, Zerto, Crossriver Bank, Cymotive, 200Apps, Innovid, Seebo, KPMG, Noogata, IAI, Via, Facebook, Amdocs, KLA, Kramer, Nisha, Keepers, Synamedia, Moveo, Elbit, Zerto, Nice, Cybereason, Sentinalone, IBM, Amazon, Orcam, One, Medtronic, Moovit, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Intel, Odettect, Salesforce, Booking and Moveo.

Target audience

Arab and ultra-Orthodox computer science graduates.


Integrate skilled Arab and Haredi computer science graduates into core development positions in the high-tech industry.

Practical experience

Throughout the training, participants develop practical projects with partner companies, thus deepening their technological experience in complex developments.

Soft skills training

The program also includes an element of improving soft skills through recruitment preparation workshops, mock interviews, resume writing, personal mentoring, and more.


Programming Environment








CS Overview

Projects (Personal & Teams)

Success Stories

After graduating from the Technion, Aseel unsuccessfully attempted to find his first job in the industry despite attending 19 interviews. The program provided a connection and strengthening ties in the industry and boosted his self-confidence. Upon completion of the course, Aseel began placement processes at various companies through the program and eventually decided to accept Intel’s offer for the position of Product Development Engineer.

Aseel Nassar,
Product Development Engineer, Intel

For Hadas the program provided a professional springboard, due to the connection to the industry and the practical experience she gained during the projects and the workshops that gave her confidence to be interviewed. Towards the end of the course, various companies from the industry contacted her and finally Hadas decided to accept Mobileye’s offer for a key job in the algorithmics team.

Hadas Sonnenfeld,
Algorithm Developer at Mobileye

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