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About Cyber4s

The first training program of its kind that provides a springboard for discharged combat soldiers. In the 6-month program, participants undergo comprehensive technological training, workshops to strengthen soft skills, and practical projects with high-tech companies. Graduates are placed as fullstack developers in cyber and high-tech companies.


The program was developed in collaboration with the Profession for Life Directorate of the IDF, the Israeli National Cyber Directorate, Unit 8200, and Israeli cyber companies, including IntSights, Intel, Cybereason, Citi, IBM, Verint, Elbit, Cymotive, and Checkmarx.

Target audience

Select discharged IDF combat soldiers with little or no programming background.


Integrating the elite of discharged IDF combat soldiers into fullstack positions in cyber and high-tech companies.

Practical experience

The program includes several development projects that were created together with our partners from the high-tech industry. These projects allow practical hands-on experience by working on real-world projects. Participants in the program are exposed to and practice the most recent development methodologies and tools.

Soft skills training

The program also includes an element of improving soft skills through recruitment preparation workshops, mock interviews, resume writing, personal mentoring, and more.


Async with js – callback, promises, async/await

Ajax – first introduction to Ajax



Testing – introduction to testing


Mysql / MongoDB


React router

Google Cloud APIs – Maps, Analytics


Charts and Canvases

Advanced React

Cyber: TCP, UDP, SSL, SSL Inspection/HTTPS Interception

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Google Cloud Compute Engine



Cloud storage


CS Data structures and algorithms

Success Stories

It’s amazing that we are not forgotten and are able to enter the high-tech industry workforce, just like veterans of IDF technological units. It allows the combat soldiers to complete their service with a sense of satisfaction knowing that such an opportunity is open to them. I decided to go for it because it was important for me to gain experience in software development before making a decision on my long-term career path.”

Liam Klas

Cyber4s graduate, works at chimio.io

“Everyone who came to this course chose to enlist in significant combat service. When you are approached and offered to come to such a program it reflects great appreciation. It is exciting to see the investment in combat soldiers. Beyond learning habits, we gain high-level knowledge and made important contacts within the industry that can help us in the future. I believe that most of the course participants – if not all – will be able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity we were given and integrate into the industry.”

Michael Bielsky

Cyber4s graduate, works at IntSights

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