month data analyst program


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About Data4s

An online program based on the Cyber4s model in which 40 discharged combat soldiers are trained for Data Analyst positions. The program emphasizes the collection preparation and structuring of data, forming and testing hypotheses, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions.

Among the topics taught in the program you will find research methodologies, statistics, SQL, visualization tools, and Python.


The program was designed and developed in collaboration with Cymotive, Delloite, Amdocs, Google, Facebook, KPMG, and Intel.

Target audience

Former IDF combat soldiers with little or no background in computer or data science.


Integrating elite discharged IDF soldiers into Data Analyst positions in high-tech companies.

Practical experience

The training includes projects built in collaboration with our high-tech partners. Practical projects allow the participants to experience relevant data-related problem-solving methodologies from real-world challenges.

Soft skills training

The program also includes an element of improving 21st-century skills through job interview preparation workshops, guidance on resume writing, personal mentoring, toning presentation skills, and more.

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